March is a month that is quite unpredictable and different from the other months, but this year it will be especially unpredictable and magical.February was a month without a full moon, a phenomenon known as a Black Moon.

In March, however, we will have not one, but two Full Moons – a Worm and a Blue Moon.The Worm Moon will happen on the March 1-2 and the Blue Moon will appear at the night of March 31st.

The Energies of the Worm Moon and the Sun in Pisces

With the beginning of the month and the appearance of the first full moon in the night sky, the energies that will surround us will be full of guidance and awareness. They will push us to look deep into our souls and make up any mistakes we’ve made in the previous year.

They will give us the inspiration and force we need to make amends with those that we have hurt and finally finish all the problems and tasks we haven’t completed before.These energies will bring the previous year into our minds again making us rethink any decision we made back then.

It is a period of introspection and contemplation whether we are headed in the right direction and what we really want out of life.The Sun will be in Pisces until March 20th and then it will go into Aries, which should happen around 20-21st of March.

The energies of the Pisces are reflective. They bring the hidden truth we have buried somewhere deep inside of us. It will force us to be better people and become the best versions of ourselves.

The Sun in Aries

As soon as the Sun enters Aries, the energy will have a change as well. The energies will be flooding down until the appearance of the Blue Moon. This is important since the energy from Aries will make us prone to act impulsively and rush things.

It is of utmost importance to remember not to rush into new things. Don’t make any irrational decision and think twice before you do something.

While these energies are good at their core, they can overwhelm us. Aries is determined and a strong-headed sign, thus during this period, you will be more determined and strong-willed to do lots of things.

But, try to remember to stay grounded for the time being. If you don’t ground yourself and protect your energy, then the energy of the upcoming Blue Moon will bring bad vibrations to your life. Instead of recharging you, it will completely drain you.

The Energies of the Blue Moon

The energies of the Blue Moon will appear on the sky on the night of March 31st ant they will turn your life upside down. They will take you to unexpected places, in a positive way.

Thus, be prepared for some magic and expect the unexpected to happen. You might feel a little lost and unsure of where you are headed, but have faith in the wonderful energy given from the Universe.