Ever thought about how boring the world might be if we were all the same? Luckily for us, the only thing all of us have in common is that we are all different. No matter the similarities, two people are never alike.

Different theories suggest and identify personalities according to different traits, such as colors and shapes. Simple tests reveal curious things about ourselves and this is one of them.

The image of the feather you like the most unveils pieces of your personality. Look at the feathers carefully and pick the one that catches your attention based on the colors and shape.

If you’ve chosen your favorite, read below to find out what it says about your personality.

Feather 1

Peace and harmony are all around you, and you surround yourself with people that identify you as such. You have a noble soul, you love to help others and never refuse a helping hand yourself.

You easily relate to other people, but prefer to do it with people similar to you. Some people might think you are weak, but the truth is that you are just very kind.

Your friendliness and reliability as a person is the reason you have many friends.

Feather 2

You are a fast learner and a bit of a perfectionist, always striving for greatness and giving your best, but you also expect the same effort from other people. You are clever and determined and despite the fact that you enjoy the company of your friends, you often find yourself isolated because you like to spend time alone and getting to know yourself better.

That’s not bad, but you need to remind those around you, from time to time that they mean very much to you. They often think that the detachment is their fault, when you only do it unconsciously.

Feather 3

An adventurous, determined and independent person in pursue of their hopes and dreams. You are a kind person and can be a very good leader.

When you fall, you always get back up and aren’t defeated by failures easily. You know that they are just lessons to make you stronger, better and wiser. One thing you should be more careful with is choosing your friends.

Feather 4

You have a very strong character, a rich imagination and sharp skills to look for a solution and deal with your problems. Your presence is easily noticeable and you can’t be easily fooled since you always have good arguments.

At first, not everyone might like you, since you appear to be strict and controlling. But once people have had the chance to get to know you better, they will quickly realize that you are much kinder that they though.

You love yourself very much and are a bit of a perfectionist, but you have to keep in mind that life is short, a mistake is just a new experience and enjoy it all as much as you can.

Feather 5

An artistic and creative soul, but you sometimes lack the confidence in your abilities in order to grow. You pay great attention to detail and you always invest your whole self in the thing you are doing and you ask others to do the same.

You think you are afraid of failing, but the truth is that you are afraid of being less than what you expect yourself to be.